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This process will automatically forward your message to the appropriate person. Note: Due to privacy concerns and e-mail abuse, we are unable to post a direct email link here. We offer this tool as an alternative.

  Thank You $name \n"; print "We have received the following:
\n"; print "Email: $email
\n"; print "Info/ Question: $feedback
\n"; // Mails the feedback to the event steward. $subject = "From the website"; $array= array($toperson,''); $sendto = implode('',$array); $header = "From: $email"; $sendersubject = "From, for your records"; mail($sendto, $subject, $feedback, $header); mail($email, $sendersubject, $feedback, $header); print "

Thank you. Your message has been sent. \n"; print "A copy of this message has also been sent to you for your records.\n"; print "
 \n"; print "

\n"; print "\n"; print "
 \n"; print "
\n"; // leave php exit(); } // User fills in feedback form ?>

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